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After 21 years of voluntary work by NZSME it was considered time to review our goals and how we deliver these to members. This process has taken nearly two years to come to fruition and is leading to widespread changes. Most obvious is the need to provide MENZA members with professional support and assistance. With this in mind, the MENZA Board has appointed Jane Thomson as MENZA Adminstrator. Jane will work from the new national office in Wellington. She will be your first port of call for all enquiries related to MENZA along with the revitalised and highly informative website for MENZA....feeling brighter already? MENZA has created three new associated groups to further support music education. These are: * METANZ, Music Education Trust Aotearoa NZ; an independently funded trust focussing on music advocacy; * NRCME, National Research Centre for Music Education; responsible for co-ordinating music research activities, this centre will be housed at Canterbury University; * MEDAC, Music Education Data Centre; overseeing data collection, this centre will be hosted by Massey/Victoria Universities in Wellington. These groups will work collaboratively with other universities and providers. In conjunction with each other, the new organisations will provide substantially enhanced services for members. Click here for the MENZA brochure

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